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"The entire staff at Finkle cosmetic surgery rate an A+. Each individual was perfect at their part of the process and Dr.Finkle especially made me feel like the most important patient. On top of that, I LOVE the results. I did immense research before deciding on my procedure and it couldn't have been better. "
Susan in Omaha

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Breast Lift in Omaha NE

A breast lift will raise and recontour sagging breasts and make them “perkier”.  This procedure can also be combined with breast enlargement (implants).  Dr. Finkle’s surgical suite offers Omaha NE breast lift surgery as an outpatient procedure.  An incision is made to remove excess skin and reposition the nipple/areola.  The nipple/areola is moved upward and the remaining breast skin is reshaped.  The “Lollipop” incision has considerably reduced the length of the scar needed for the lift procedure.

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